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Massage can be a wonderful healing
tool for your pets.  Find out how to utilize this method. 

Healing Massage Technique for Pets


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Does your kitty sneeze a lot?
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Please read to educate yourselves on
the dangers of feeding your feline or canine a strictly dry food diet.  

For The Love Of Alex Inc on Facebook  
Many of you may know from following our page that the information found at saved our very own beloved Alex's life. Alex suffered from urinary tract blockage and was told he had to have the dreaded PU surgery (Perineal Urethrostomy) or my frantic research to spare him that agony I found this wonderful site. Instead of surgery, Alex was placed on a Hills S/D stone dissolution canned food regimen (prescription, only available through vets), for 4 weeks which saved his life. He has been a wet diet kitty ever since (I did not know dry food kills cats; I was killing my own sweet baby without knowing it). We have been on the warpath about dry diets ever since. The wonderful Dr. Lisa Pierson DVM has been kind enough to create a Facebook page to make linking to this life-saving information easier, specifically for our group! So please, give her page a like to let her know how much we appreciate the fact that she is saving lives every day by providing this invaluable information. Everything you need to know to assure the kitty you love lives a long and healthy life can be found by visiting (PLEASE LIKE!!)

Please read the information:

"Bacteria & bacterial toxins. Slaughtered animals, as well as those that have died because of disease, injury, or natural causes, are sources of meat, by-products, and rendered meals for pet food. Rendered products commonly found in dry pet food include chicken meal, poultry by-product meal, and meat and bone meal."

"The author of the groundbreaking book, “Food Pets Die For,” Ann Martin, has an article published just last week reminding readers that she personally traced euthanized pets from veterinary clinics in the city she lives to the rendering plants where they are processed and shipped to pet food companies. Thus, pentobarbital–the drug used to euthanize animals–ends up being fed to pets."

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It's getting warm and humid where I live 

which is quite uncomfortable for me, 

so I can only imagine how uncomfortable 

it must be for our furry friends.  Here are

some great tips to consider in ensuring

the comfort and safety of your pets this



With the price of everything going up these days, performing as many services on your own is imperative.

Here is a great tutorial on one do-it-yourself service that will definitely leave a good chunk of change in your pocket.


Here are household items you may not

be aware of that may prove harmful

to your precious pets:  


Tutorial:  Hairballs!

Now, on to a sometimes very distressing cat issue.

Two of my precious felines are "pukers."  You know,

they seem to continuously "decorate" my

floors/carpets/rugs with splotches consisting of 

hairballs combined with their latest meal,

usually the darkest staining food on the

day's menu.  This is just their predisposition for some 

reason and not a medically-related problem.  They do

tend to engage in grooming each other as well which

further contributes to the problem.  

I do try to brush them on occasion but

sometimes find that they tend to puke

even more afterwards due to loose hair.  So,

I've found that moistening my hands

with water and running them over the cats

a few times to collect the loose hair,

belly included, following brushing tends to help.

But the primary solution seems to be a

consistent schedule of giving them hairball gel 

which acts as a wonderful preventative.  I find that when

I administer it initially morning and night (avoid right 

before or after eating)  for three days straight and then 

once every other day or every second or third day, 

depending on each particular cat, it reduces the

problem almost entirely.  Also, the directions

should be followed closely as far as amounts

according to the cat's weight, making sure they're

given enough with no skimping.  One of my

offenders loves to lick it off my finger while the

other one receives it by placing the gel on my

forefinger while sliding it along the side

of her mouth forcing it open and in which is

very quick with no mess.     

A couple of other factors that occasionally contribute to 

vomiting seem to be eating too much too fast or 

drinking too much water too fast.  In those instances, 

feeding and watering on a regular basis to avoid

excessive hunger or thirst is wise.

You want to make sure that there is nothing physically

wrong with your cat that is causing their vomiting.  

Usually though, if you examine the evidence, you will

find either a well-formed hairball or a good amount 

of loose hair contained therein.  

Make sure your cats are getting plenty of moisture

in their diets, which helps alleviate hairballs,

either through feeding them canned/natural

food or providing plenty of fresh water served

alongside their dry food.  

In addition, plenty of exercise helps cut

down on hairballs as their body processes

them through more readily.  Set aside about

15 minutes once or twice per day to 

engage in interactive play with your kitties

and see if it doesn't  help! 

Lastly, disciplining cats for upchucking 

hairballs is futile and will only incite fear

and anxiety in them which will cause 

them to avoid you.  In addition, it could

possibly cause them additional stress

and upset their systems which could 

further exacerbate the problem.   

Hope this information helps!!!        


Need instruction on how to bathe

your cat?  Here you go:

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               (New) Shake Dog Potty

Here is a new innovative product for dog

owners!  You will find it at

"The Shake Dog Potty is there when you’re

not, providing a comfortable, familiar spot

for your dog to go when you’re on the go. 

It’s handsome and sleek enough to leave

out, so your dog has the freedom to use it

whenever they need to. Its patent pending

mess-free cleanup, and it’s so simple to 

fold, you won’t think twice about stowing 

it away or taking it on the road. The result

is a dog potty that is stylish, easy to clean,

and portable."


With all of the travel going on during the

summer, pet owners may be faced with

needing to find a reliable, trusted pet sitter.

Here are three sites to check out: 

Three Sites For Finding Qualified Pet Sitters


Interesting article to read: 


Scientists claim dogs are increasingly 

able to understand human behavior 

with each generation.  Click here to

read the entire article: 

Dogs Understand Human Behavior 


By Dr. Karen Becker

"Recently, a large pet food manufacturer conducted

a survey of U.S. cat owners. According to, the purpose of the survey was 

"To dispel myths and better understand the relationship 

between cats and their owners."   

Click to Learn About the Survey Findings: 

Myths About Cats  



How about some natural ways to combat

those pesky fleas?  These methods are a 

great way to save money and ensure that

your pet is not being harmed by toxic

chemicals in store bought flea remedies.

Check out these awesome, easy-to-make

natural flea remedies - and please share

with dog owner friends!

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